Lent Retreat: 2018

from the ISC: Glasgow

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 Suggestions for Group Leaders

Weekly Meetings

Meeting Six: Fifth Week of Lent

Outline of Meeting

1. Opening Prayer – Take a couple of minutes of quiet prayer to ask God to be with you during the meeting.  Pray that God might speak to the heart of each person in the group.

2. Sharing - Ask each individual to go over their prayer times this week; give them a moment to consult their journal.
You might ask them:

3. Finding God in All Things
If you have the facilities it would be good to show this or a similar video
Where do you see the goodness of God in this video?

The meditation below can be used either in addition to, or instead of the video.

You may like to play some meditative instrumental music during this meditation. Something quiet and reflective.

After this meditation it would be good to go over the first four questions and get people to talk to their neighbour about what came to their mind.

Then find out how many different things they can come up with as a group. You may have someone make note of this on a flip-chart.
When considering the negative questions, remind them not to name names.

4. Looking Forward – Make sure the time and venue etc. of the next meeting is clear.

5. Thank everyone for coming.

 Leader's Notes: Finding God in All Things

It's easy to find God in the beauties of nature, in a smiling baby. However, its sometimes more difficult to see the will of God in natural disasters or the screaming child in church.

Whether natural events, such as storms and floods prove disastrous is often dependant upon whether people have taken adequate precautions.
Have we co-operated with the natural world?
Have we put enough resources into keeping safe?
In his encyclical letter, Laudato Si' Pope Francis makes the point that so often it is the poor who suffer because those who have resources don't share them out sufficiently.

In the end, of course, there is an element of mystery to life; we can't explain everything.
As Christians too we need to hold onto the belief that as death is not the end; neither should it be seen as a final disaster.

Today we are looking at what it means to collaborate with God as Creator.
The greatest collaboration we have as human beings is to bring forth the next generation.  "Go forth and multiply".

And though individually we might not affect the planet to any great extent, taken together, human beings have the ability to nurture and beautify our world or bring disaster and destruction to the earth. 

We can ask, how far are we part of the problem or part of the solution, when it comes to looking after our mother the earth.