Lent Retreat: 2018

from the ISC: Glasgow

 Scripture for Prayer

Day 14 - Tuesday 27th February

Stilling: Take a few minutes to become still.

God is Present: God is with you. Ask God to inspire your imagination.

Ask for what you desire. What gift, what grace do you want right now?

Read the passage through.

Identify with a character: Choose one of the people in the story and imagine the scene from their point of view.

Senses: Use your five senses, imagine what you may see, hear, smell, touch and taste.
Fill in the details which the scripture leaves out to make the story real for you.
Be aware of how you feel; your emotional state.

Matthew 23:1-12 (NRSVA)

Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples,
‘The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat; therefore, do whatever they teach you and follow it; but do not do as they do, for they do not practise what they teach. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on the shoulders of others; but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them. They do all their deeds to be seen by others; for they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long. They love to have the place of honour at banquets and the best seats in the synagogues, and to be greeted with respect in the market-places, and to have people call them rabbi.

But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all students. And call no one your father on earth, for you have one Father—the one in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Messiah. The greatest among you will be your servant.

All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted.

Conversation: When you come towards the end of your time of prayer, talk to Jesus about what has come up for you.
Imagine how he might reply.

A Prayer: End with a formal prayer, such as the Lord's Prayer/Our Father

 Today's Meditation

Prayer of the Two Standards

I watched him as he wept
Over the city's fate:
Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Why are you deaf
To the voice of your God?
Why are you blind
To your salvation made flesh?
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God,
Grant to us, your sisters and brothers,
Lenses created by your gospel word
To see the world through your eyes;
Fashion my ears to hear your voice
In the cries of the poor and forsaken.
Let me put on poverty as a garment of honour
So that humility may govern my footsteps.

Patrick Purnell SJ

 Review of Prayer

 Suggestions for Prayer

Take time to pray with today's scripture you could use imaginative contemplation or Lectio Divina.
You might also use Lectio Divina to meditate on the poem.

More about: Meditation on the Two Standards from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius.

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